New Things: Pokemon Hunting

Like a lot of folks I got caught up in the Pokemon hype of the late nineties. I’d watch it on SMTV Live and collected the cards, and when the movie was released my friend Dan and I went to see it, pretending that we were merely escorting my youngest sister.

After that I lost track of it, dimly aware that new games and monsters were being released, but not that interested. 

But of late it’s been hard to avoid the buzz around Pokemon Go the brand new “augmented reality” game. This allows players to wander around in the real life and meet Pokemon which they can catch. It’s got buzz because of the fact it’s a new idea, has caught on big and means that folks are wandering around hunting imaginary monsters, which is weird.

MWF and several of her friends have downloaded it and this afternoon we set off to track down some of the critters. MWF led the way, with me and her dog Phoebe in tow, every Pokemon master needs a team after all.

Prepare for trouble…

I must say that I am a huge fan. This is for several reasons;

1. It gets you out of the house.

I’m a lazy so-and-so but if I stay in too long I get a little fed up and so quite like going for random wanders. MWF does not share this view, but with Pokemon to track down she was eager to go for a walk and Phoebe was happy for a run around.

I also think it’s cool that you get rewards for distances travelled as it means that it’s almost a health game and will get people moving and exercising, which is a good thing.

2. It’s Social

While MWF hunted in the local park we saw a bunch of other people playing, and there was a relaxed, friendly vibe. A little boy and his gran asked us if we’d had any joy and the kid was beyond excited, jabbering about what he’s caught and which Pokemon he was after.

There were also some older lads who were running about and while one was a bit smug that MWF was excited by catching a Krabby and was a few levels ahead, there was a bit of chat and it got people interacting. 


3. It’s fun.

I played a little earlier today and the game is very fun, and it is like being in the game. You wander around, encounter Pokemon as you go and it is a lot of fun. I can also see that it could be addictive and won’t be downloading it myself as I would soon be obsessed with catching them all.

As it is, MWF is well on her way and was on a mission to catch the Jigglypuff she had spotted in the park but alas it got away.


I suspect this may turn out to be her white whale and that I will spend a lot of time chasing down that little dude. But there are worse hobbies you can have.

All in all I’m giving Pokemon Go a big thumbs up, and look forward to spending more time with MWF as she continues in her goal to be the very best like no one ever was.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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