Book Review: Ex-Isle by Peter Clines 

Clines’ hugely entertaining superheroes vs zombies series continues here. The superheroes of Los Angeles continue to protect their survivors and Zzap is checking in on survivors when he finds a collection of ships forming into a man made island in the Pacific.

St. George, Zzap and Corpse Girl head off to investigate and extend the hand of friendship, but discover a highly paranoid, insular group which is very different from the world they are trying to build.

Meanwhile, in the city Cerberus and several of the super soldiers oversee the new garden which will feed the survivors. But there is growing unease between the different factions and Cerberus must deal with her own fears.

This is a series that gets better as it goes on, and this is a cracking addition, which expands the world and introduces new players. It also benefits from dividing focus between two fronts with both being involving stories. Clines’ characterisation and dialogue is solid, with likeable heroes and hateable villains. One of the villain’s flashback is the darkest part of the series so far, and shows an ability to change tone which suits Clines’ style of switching between the past and present , and different characters’ perspectives.

What makes it the strongest installment is that there is plenty of good ideas and there are some nice twists along the way.

Verdict: A very entertaining yarn which grips throughout and shows that Clines continues to develop. The story unfolds at a good pace and there are enough twists to keep you guessing. 8/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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