Welcome to the Hipster Museum

Selling or renting a property must be quite tricky. You have to trek back and forth, saying the same old stuff and popular you could wind up walking around the same house numerous times. It all seems dull, repetitive and time consuming. But people need to see the house, so what can you do?

I guess you could just book them all to come at once.

This is what happened to MWF and I yesterday, when we went to look at house that could be our first home together. We arrived early, and hung around outside, being eyeballed by the neighbour’s chihuahua. Then a car pulled up with a slightly chavvy couple in. The landlord, maybe? Nope, they were there for a viewing too.

And then another car pulled in. Two girls and a guy got out and for much of the rest I tried to work out what the dynamic was it could have been

  1. A solo girl with two friends
  2. A couple and their friend awkwardly third-wheeling
  3. A lesbian couple and a straight male friend
  4. A three person relationship
  5. Two female friends looking to share and one of their boyfriends along for support

Finally the landlord arrived and so began an experience which was like a guided museum tour at a very dull museum about the life of hipsters.

 There were signs of pretension all around- samurai swords, a Buddha statue with no other sign of religion and some arty fatty stuff.

The house wasn’t the biggest, and it felt smaller as eight people trudged through having a nose. It was very awkward, especially as some rooms meant we had to take turns going in. It was like a low budget National Trust property.

Normally when you look around it gives you a chance to ask questions, but you feel kind of odd asking what might be revealing questions in front of strangers. Luckily, the presence of a slightly put out cat answered our major query of whether Midnight would be welcome there.

While the house was nice and a strong contender to be the first home of our little family, there will have to be some decoration changes. The worst offender? A large, cheesy inspiration quote daubed on the bedroom wall.

I don’t mind cheesy quotes, they can sometimes give people a little boost or look on the bright side, and that’s a good thing, but to have it on a wall? As the first thing you see every day when you get out of bed? 

For me if you want a quote on the wall you need more than a twee platitude about making the best of life. No, you need a mantra to help you through the day. You need words of wisdom from the greats.

You need Cool Runnings.

Now that is the kind of quote you need as you get out of bed in the morning.

Having looked around the bedroom we wandered back downstairs where the landlord asked us if we were working and then left. He’d got three viewings done in quarter of an hour , which is pretty good. For him, anyway.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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