Book Review: Shipwrecked by Mishka Shubaly

This is the fourth book I’ve read of Shubaly’s as they are quite cheap on the Kindle and make good quick reads. The title for this book is not a metaphor, in 2001 our alcoholic hero finds himself on a remote beach after the ship he’s working on runs aground.

As the youngest of the group he volunteers to walk what they imagine to be 25 miles to the nearest town and find help. What follows is a long, arduous walk under the blazing sun and with only half remembered survival tips for help.

It’s a quick read, an anecdote really, but Shubaly writes with engaging, vivid energy that keeps you involved and he gives background information about what else was going on with his life, highlighting his skill as an honest storyteller.

Some might feel it lacks drama or the depth of a book like Aron Ralston’s Between a Rock and a Hard Place (filmed as 127 Hours). But for a short story of one man’s misfortune it works and it holds the attention,  and Shubaly has skill as a writer.
Verdict: A little brief and low on incident, but it’s well crafted and makes an engaging short read. 6/10.

Any thoughts?  You know what to do. BETEO. 

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