Book Review: The Siege of the Supers by Logan Rutherford

Having quite enjoyed the first book in Rutherford’s “first superhero” series I thought I’d check out the sequel. It picks up after Tempest, our young hero was left injured and stranded on the moon having fought the villainous Richter.


Recovered by the government Tempest discovers he has been absent for quite some time and that in his absence several more supers have appeared, with many vanishing thanks to shady government types.

Can he return to his normal life or will being a super mean constantly fighting and looking over his shoulder? Meeting other supers allows him to start piecing together what’s happening but with a new enemy appearing on the scene how can he fight on two fronts?

This book moves along at quite a clip and it took me a day to read, and there are some nice touches, but it gets creaky in places and scenes in the future rob the story of some of it’s tension (we know which characters are going to survive).

Also the motivations for the villains feels poorly developed and our hero is occasionally annoying. It’s a decent enough read, but it feels like familiar territory and Rutherford fails to bring anything massively new to the table.

Verdict: A quick and entertaining read, but it doesn’t deliver many surprises and the interesting strands from the first aren’t developed fully. Good for a quick read, but doesn’t offer much beyond that. 5/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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