Book Review: Gunthar and the Devil From Beyond by Steve Dilks

This is the third of Gunthar’s adventures I’ve read and while it’s still got flaws, Dilks appears to be developing as a writer. Here the sword wielding hero finds himself in a foreign kingdom where the King has fallen under the influence of a mysterious astronomer and a dancing girl at court is tormented by visions of a demon.


Gunthar helps a fleeing girl and winds up in trouble with the guards. It also brings him to the attention of a sorcerer who fears an outlander will ruin his plans. Gunthar is attacked by a demon,narrowly escaping thanks to the actions of a mysterious new ally and they decide that they must act to stop the forces of darkness taking control.

What I liked about this book was that the action is handled rather well, with the fight scenes having real energy and Dilks including just the right amount of detail. Not too bloody, but not utterly neutered.

There are also some nice touches in having Gunthar out of his depth, but the character is still underwritten and some of the dialogue a tad stilted, but as a quick, easy read it works, unfolding at a good piece and keeping the action coming. The plot, basic as it is, works well and is engaging enough.

Verdict: The series continues to improve, and while this is far from perfect it’s still a fun enough read. The characters could be better but as a quick, brief book it works. 6/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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