Nobody would be that rude. Not even an American!

MWF rewatched Bridget Jones’s Diary today and I’ve resigned myself that later this year I will be seeing the third movie at the cinema. To be honest, as a romcom fan I’m not that bothered, although frankly it tries my patience- two films getting us to root for Bridge and Mark and then you split them up? Not cool.


It also stars Patrick Dempsey who, Enchanted aside, is pretty dull on screen.

The first film is quite fun, with some good lines and some almost painfully cringe moments from Renee Zellwegger’s heroine. But there’s one scene that bugs me.

Halfway through Bridget drops in to see her boyfriend Daniel (Hugh Grant, revelling in throwing off his bumbling nice guy schtick) and suspects he’s cheating. She storms to the bedroom, which is empty and leaves but as she does spies a woman’s coat hanging up.

She storms back upstairs to the en suite and there, perched on the edge of the bath is Lana (Lisa Barbuscia), who is clearly designed to be everywoman Bridget’s nightmare – slim and leggy.


Okay, so far, I’m with them. Then Lana turns to Daniel and delivers one of the least believable lines in movie history;

I thought you said she was thin?

I’m sorry, you what?

Nobody is that much of a bellend. You’ve just been caught naked in their boyfriend’s bathroom and you decide that’s the time to throw a cheap jibe about weight? Even if you felt no remorse you’d keep quiet, wouldn’t you? Maybe give a “what you gonna do?” shrug. But insult her to her face? It just wouldn’t happen.

It’s a tiny moment but every time I watch the movie it bugs me. One stupid line and I’m out of the movie, disbelief is shattered and I’m thinking that the writers could have taken another run at the scene.

I can’t think of another movie where a single line has popped the bubble so badly for me.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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