Comedy Gig Review: Richard Herring at St. David’s Hall

I’ve been a Richard Herring fan for quite a while now, and seen him perform before but this is the first of his touring shows I’ve gone to see. I bought tickets for MWF and I and we headed to the St. David’s Hall last night.


The show’s title is Happy Now? And it sees Herring reflecting on how his life as changed since becoming a husband and father. Herring discusses the nature of happiness and whether it’s possible to be actually, truly happy. And whether being perfectly happy all the time would be a good thing.

It’s a funny, clever show as Herring talks about how happiness is a temporary state and that we actually need the downs to appreciate the highs. It’s a sensible idea and Herring uses the theme to go off on several weird tangents.

I laughed consistently throughout and thoroughly enjoyed, as a fan of Herring’s mix of the silly, crude and actually quite thoughtful I found it worked brilliantly. MWF was less familiar with his style and while she laughed quite a bit wasn’t won over. I think it was Herring’s talk of sex robots that lost her. And she did not appreciate his argument that sleeping with a sex robot doesn’t count as infidelity.

If you like big ideas explored with a bit of vulgarity and snark then this is for you, and there’s enough warmth and self awareness to keep it on track. It’s a very entertaining night at the theatre and on leaving I at least was happy.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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