Comedy Gig Review: Michael McIntyre at the Duchess Theatre, London

MWF had chanced upon free tickets for this gig, where Michael McIntyre was due to perform in a small venue to test out new material. At twenty quid each it was too good a chance to pass up and so on Monday night we headed to the Duchess.


It was a very small theatre, with only a couple of hundred seats and it was pretty much full. It was a great opportunity to see McIntyre working a smaller crowd as he can pack out arenas. Personally I like the small room as it encourages more interaction and feels more relaxed.

McIntyre delivered what you expect, cheerful observational fare which was solidly entertaining and kept the laughs flowing. There was a sense of it being a work in progress, but it was fun to see him riffing and then pausing to scribble notes.

It means that when we see him perform later we’ll have a feeling of being first to see some of his stuff, including great routine about his kids’ toilet habits (“Who’s poo?!” Makes for a decent catchphrase) and given the small setting he also discussed a trip to White Hart Lane and offered a shock revelation about one ex-Spurs player.

McIntyre had support from Charlie Baker and Seann Walsh. Baker struggled with a crowd who didn’t seem to know what to make of his singing and dancing schtick, and the response was mild.

Walsh, who’s sarky curmudgeon persona is a delight and he offered keen observation. The crowd were a little standoffish at first but Walsh won the room and by the end was getting big laughs.



I’d liked what I’d seen him do before but was still impressed and will definitely check him out if he comes to Wales.

McIntyre returned for a bit more and continued to impress and it was a fantastic evening out and we left amused and satisfied. He really was very funny and the small venue brought a new side to his act, which I enjoyed.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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