Fat Boy on a Diet: Weighing the consequences

So last week I wrote about the fact it’s been a while since I weighed and I wasn’t feeling confident about getting back on the scales.


Today was the day. I was not feeling good and the worries were building.

How much of an effect had the two weeks of slacking had? Having lost almost one and a half stone how much would have gone back on?

I had nightmarish visions of stepping on to find I’d piled it all back on and was actually heavier than when I started. This seemed unlikely but in the fight between worry and logic, logic always winds up on the canvas.

I emptied my pockets and kicked off my shoes. I considered taking of my glasses as this would help in two ways, first it would make me lighter and secondly I wouldn’t be able to see the bad news.

I hopped on. Sighed and checked how I’d done.

A 2lbs gain.


I was disappointed, but it was far from the disaster I’d feared and I was lucky having gone full Pac-man in the last fortnight, devouring anything that got in my way.

It’s time to get back on it. Be a bit more self disciplined and leave this slump behind me.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


One Comment on “Fat Boy on a Diet: Weighing the consequences”

  1. lexilife says:

    Everyone has these down times. I know more than anyone. So much so I recently posted a blog post on how to get through a bit of a binge period and have had some great responses – maybe that’ll kickstart some more motivation for the next period of your life?? always here to help. Check it out below and let me know xx


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