Book Review: Cautionary Tales by Stephen Toblowsky

You probably don’t recognise the name but you’d know the face, Tobolowsky has appeared in films like Groundhog Day and TV shows like Glee. He also has a podcast where he tells anecdotes and stories and that’s what this book is, a few short memories.

Tobolowsky tells three stories all related to sex, but far from bragging tales of former conquests. He discusses awkward moments and does so with wit and warmth.


His writing is honest and funny and while this is ridiculously short I found it rather entertaining. Tobolowsky has some insight and captures the awkwardness of young men with charm, it made me smile and chuckle a few times and I would be keen to read more of his stuff.

Verdict: Very short, but quite fun, Tobolowsky is a funny and engaging writer sharing some quirky tales from his past. 6/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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