Fat Boy on a Diet: The Revenge of the Belly

So, a while ago I wrote about getting on the weighing scales for the first time in a while. It was a sobering experience, which hammered home just how bad the situation had got.

I meant to update because over the next few weeks I did quite well, losing almost one and a half stone and actually seeing the difference. I felt a little more comfortable and some of my clothes fit better. All was right with the world.

I also spoke about how having MWF as my weight loss partner would be a good thing. We shopped for the good stuff and cooked proper, healthy meals for each other and offered encouragement and support. It was definitely a good thing.

And then it wasn’t.

MWF is currently working on her dissertation and this is a stressful time. Stress means snacking, and not wanting to think too much about cooking the right stuff.

As a result there has been a bit of back sliding.

I think I’ve put some of my weight back on, which sucks. I don’t know how much because I’ve stayed off the scales for a bit, but I don’t feel confident.


I don’t think I’ve put it all back on, but I definitely feel it.

My work shirts feel snugger and I’m more worried that my belly is going to sneak out under it, and those clothes which had got a bit baggier aren’t as baggy now.

I can’t blame MWF. This is on me. I could have taken over the cooking more, gone for healthier options and resisted snacks, but I have terrible will power and when tired I just want to veg on the sofa with some biscuits.

MWF has the stressful dissertation, I don’t. Heck, even when I had one to do myself back in ’07 I wasn’t stressed about it.

No, this is me being weak and greedy. I should have stayed the course but took the easy way out and I’ll admit I enjoyed the overindulgence and gluttony.


But enough is enough. I am on diet hiatus until MWF’s deadline but until then I will exercise a little bit of self control and maybe atop after the first dozen biscuits.

I just hope I haven’t undone all that good work, and I admit to not looking forward to my next date with the scales, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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