Book Review: Gunthar and the Purple Priestess of Asshtar by Steve Dilks and Glen Usher

This is the second adventure of Dilks’ warrior thief I’ve read and much like the first it carries the influence of other writers heavily, but it does at least show signs of invention as it mixes fantasy and post apocalyptic science fiction.


Gunthar is hired to steal a precious idol from a shadowy and evil cult, which he does so despite facing a garden of vicious, venomous plants. He then heads off to deliver the idol to the titular priestess, aided by an innkeeper’s daughter and a sea captain.

Can they evade the cult at their heels and the magic they use? And what will the idol be used for when they deliver it to the all female island?

I quite enjoyed this despite it being far to brief and feeling rushed in places. Characters are never given great depth and the ending is flat. Despite this it’s an easy and diverting enough read, Dilks is still not in the Burroughs or Howard leagues, but the world he creates is an interesting,if underdeveloped one.

It won’t change your life or stay with you very long, but it passes the time well enough.

Verdict: A tad rushed and underdone, but a decent enough read when you don’t want anything too challenging. 5/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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