Atheists, calm the hell down!

A while ago I liked a post on Instagram, I think it was this one:


I thought it was a good point and left it at that.

The problem is that now in my “suggested for you” gallery there’s a host of atheist and “anti-theist” posts. And they are really grinding my gears.

I’d say I’m agnostic, leaning to atheist, but these guys do my head in. This is for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, a lot of the stuff they post is just not funny and rather nasty. A regular theme is snarky comments about Christians on Facebook posting stuff. They don’t like people shoving their beliefs in their face, these atheists, as they make IG accounts about their beliefs.

I get that you don’t believe in a god, that’s cool man, each to their own. But if you expect people to respect your beliefs then you gotta respect other people’s and stop being a d**k about it.

Or do they think one meme will do it?

That believers will see a snarky caption and think, “How could I have been so blind? This picture has totally blown apart a lifelong faith!”

The second reason is the smug, patronising attitude, as though atheism in itself means intelligence. The flip of this is that anyone with faith must be a moron.

That thinking is utter rubbish.

There are plenty of smart believers, hell, some of the smartest people I know have faith. There are also idiots who don’t think God is real.

Religious belief operates on a different system, its emotional and that’s distinct from intelligence. Atheists who dismiss all with faith as morons are blind to this and too busy patting themselves on the back to think about it.

The smugness also means when they do something stupid it appears all the more foolish.

For example, one regular theme is that Adam and Eve had belly buttons (or that Adam had nipples) which doesn’t make sense if they were made from the earth and a spare rib (mmm, spare ribs).

The argument they use is always a painting of Adam and Eve, sometimes with a caption, like so;


Some of you may have seen the mistake already.

See, that’s a painting. An artistic representation of Adam and Eve, probably made in the second millennium AD. The artist has drawn what he thought they looked like. Hence belly buttons.

This picture proves one thing- the artist made a mistake or didn’t get why we have belly buttons. No believer is gonna think “Oh, wow, this painting has belly buttons, everything was a lie!”

The belly button argument would only work if it was a photograph. A drawing is very rarely proof, for example I doubt any of us think Bill Clinton and Ronald McDonald went to war.


I don’t think believers are idiots when I see this idea, I think the poster is. They actually think this is a valid way to argue. Do they use this guy as proof of alien life?


I get that some atheists are passionate about their lack of belief in a higher power, but its weird to bang on about how you don’t think something is real. Also, if you are going to post why not try to avoid the ignorant, rude and intrusive theists you dislike so much? Because at the moment the message might be different, but the manner is the same.

I just think that whatever you believe or don’t believe you shouldn’t attack those who differ from you. Just focus on your life and leave people to get on with theirs.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


One Comment on “Atheists, calm the hell down!”

  1. kaptonok says:

    Sound advice. I’m a live and let live agnostic. Sometimes we do say things that enrage others, but today there is a lot of hypersensativity around. It almost seems as if we are looking for flaws in peoples characters.

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