Book Review: Ex-Communication by Peter Clines

This is the third part of Clines’ superheroes vs zombies series (I’ve already reviewed parts one and two) and I am really loving the series. This third installment sees the besieged heroes under threat from the undead once more and also introduces fresh threats for them to deal with.


Clines has established the world of his stories and he develops them further here, adding subplots about the nature of death and the characters’ differing views on the zombies. When a hero returns from the dead, but not as a zombie, it ruffles feathers as some view it as a sign that the souls linger and their loved ones can come back. This tension doesn’t help as fresh threats emerge and more players enter the frame.

Can St. George, Captain Freedom, Stealth, Cerberus and Zzap remain a united front and work out what is going on? Can they trust their former ally? And will they be forced to accept that magic is real and there are worse things than zombies?

I dug this book even though I think it doesn’t match the second part. It’s still a solid story with some decent dialogue and a couple of twists. It also helps that Clines investigates fresh themes and merges different genre trappings to make a zombie world that feels new and different.

He builds it slowly, drawing together all the different strands before an incredibly exciting finale which had me utterly hooked. I devoured it in large chunks and got totally lost in the book, which is always a good thing.

The writing is a little formulaic in places and some characters still feel two dimensional but these flaws are made up for by Clines’ strengths in other areas and a few of the characters are really coming together. St George in particular impresses but a few of the others are distinct and engaging too.

I know there’s a fourth book and I look forward to getting into it soon.

Verdict: Clines continues to create an interesting world and develops his characters. He’s not the flashiest writer but it works and this is engrossing and fun. 7/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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