It’s a date

It’s been a almost three months since MWF and I got engaged and we agreed that the wedding wasn’t going to be for a while. This is so that we can save up for a bit and also so that most of the planning will happen after MWF has finished uni so she isn’t too stressed.

Of course, this plan hasn’t worked out that way. Both of us have gotten hooked on Pinterest and saving ideas for the big day.


#goals- Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth

We’ve been to a wedding fair, binged on wedding TV (Say Yes to the Dress, Don’t Tell the Bride, Curvy Brides etc.) and given stuff lots of thought, mainly because as soon as you get engaged people start asking about your plans.

The planning has been pretty low key and informal, an early guest list draft and some provisional groomsmen/bridesmaid squads. And some bargaining over what I’ll wear on the day. But nothing set in stone.

Until today.

Today we set a date, booking the church and reception venue.

This is big!

The engagement was real anyway, but a deadline for all the planning makes it feel a lot more real to me. It’s extremely exciting, and MWF has been dancing around in glee.

I’m really looking forward to the wedding, and being married, but there is a low level worry about planning stuff.

What if we forget something? Who do I pick as my best man? What will be our first dance song?

Of course, all these will get sorted in time but the major challenge is not getting ahead of ourselves, of getting too caught up with planning stuff. Because of how excited we are this would be easy, but given the time frame would be a mistake. We could burn out, this is a marathon not a sprint, or get everything sorted and then feel flat waiting for the day.

Even with a date we need to pace our planning, and just continue to hoard pins and ideas. That doesn’t count as planning, it’s just research.

But it’s still amazing, especially as the reception venue was a clear favourite and looks brilliant, and getting the right church was a massive deal for MWF for sentimental reasons (as a heathen it was less of an issue for me, who could have got married pretty much anywhere).


My elope to Vegas idea has met fierce resistance

So when is the big day? Well, I’m not going to be exact here but a friend gave us a cool countdown chalkboard thing, and this is roughly how long there is;


Anyway, I’m sure I’ll keep you updated as we move towards the big day. But for now I’m off to see how much the Savage get up costs.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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