Chris of the Rovers

Bill Shankly famously said that he disagreed with people who felt that football was a matter of life and death, saying “it’s much more serious than that”. Shankly was a commuted manger and one of the things fans wonder is whether managers ever switch off, or is it football all the time?

Recently I’ve realised its probably always at the back of their mind. I know this because even playing FIFA has made me an obsessive.

A few months ago I picked up a copy of FIFA 13 for 50p and shortly after got utterly hooked on it.


I started playing as manager of Bristol Rovers, playing in League 2 originally. Over the past few months I’ve led Rovers to two back to back league titles and am currently a handful of matches from the Premier League.


I chose Rovers because they were low down and are my Dad's team

This would be fine if I left it there but the other day I found myself seriously debating which players I should sell and what I need to improve my squad. This wasn’t as I played, this was hours later as I went for a pee.

The problem is that I’m clearly too emotional to be a football manager because despite just being little computer generated figures I have a weird obsession with my squad. A player who demands more money or wants to leave is viewed with irritation or loathing, while one player is a favourite merely because he’s been there since I started the game. In real life he lasted a season, but in my Rovers, Shaquille Hunter is a mainstay.


Shaquille Hunter

Similarly I felt it a personal slight that my captain has demanded a transfer request.

Part of me knows I’m being silly, that it’s only a game and the only person who cares is me, but I’m hopelessly devoted to getting Rovers to win a Premier title, to the extent that lte at night I’ll be working out lineup changes or contemplating who I need to buy.

That’s unbelievably sad isn’t it? And I’ve lost the right to judge any game addict ever again.

Anyway, must dash, I only have three games left this season.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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