What I Believe

I try to write as often as I can on here, but sometimes I struggle for topics. This is why I’ve started collecting lists of prompts and suggestions for posts, to save for days when the muse isn’t with me. This post is inspired by one of those prompts:

10 Things I Believe

I’ve done it as a list, because I realized paragraph after paragraph starting with “I believe” would be too much like that Savage Garden song. Anyway, here are some of the things I believe

#1. People can be awesome.

I know that often people can be petty, dumb and cruel, but I think that the vast majority of the world’s population are basically good, or are trying to be.

good people believe

The problem is that we live in times where fear makes us reject our urge to do good. Tabloid scaremongering and daft urban legends (see Facebook posts about “gang initiations”) mean we’re wary of reaching out to help those in difficulty. In our day to day life we’re happy to cocoon ourselves with tech, stopping little connections or minor acts of kindness which can mean so much to the lonely or those who struggle.

Look at the average bus or train, people stare at phones or put in headphones. We’ve been conditioned not to interact, to social network rather than actually being social.

It’s why I think we need to share more good news stories to inspire us to replecate them and just to make us feel better about our species, and reduce that unease we have to reach out and form new connections, even if they are fleeting ones.

#2. Society should support it’s weaker members

This is why I’m pro-taxation. Or more accurately, pro fair taxation.

I’m hardly making the big bucks, but I don’t begrudge my tax because I know three things-

  1. Tax is important in ensuring government services work. Services which benefit us all.
  2. There are plenty of folks worse off than me, and they deserve help, and I want to help them.
  3. All of us could wind up vulnerable in the future, and I’d imagine we’d all like the help/support for ourselves and our families, so having those systems in place just makes sense for us all.

If everyone chips into the pot then we can help those who are in trouble.

And the more you make, the more you should pay. You’d still be better off than many, even if your tax percentage is a bit higher. Here’s The Last Leg team, with Jonathan Ross, on the topic.

#3. Aliens

It’s a big universe out there. Surely in all those galaxies there must be some intelligent life out there.

i want to believe

Have they visited Earth? That I’m more skeptical about.

#4. Respect and the Golden Rule are key and should always be followed.

Treat others like you’d like to be treated. Pretty simple and obvious, really.

Also, be respectful. If someone looks or lives differently to you, then still treat them respect.

If they harm someone else then that’s not cool, but if it’s just a case of disagreeing then do so in a polite way. The world don’t move to the beat of just one drum, but that won’t be a problem if everyone was cool about it.

#5. If it makes you happy and doesn’t harm/put out anyone else, you should probably do it.

#6. That a higher power exists

I’m not saying God, or even gods, I just think there must be something bigger out there. I’ve thought this for a while, science doesn’t have all the answers, in his recent book Russell Brand quotes Rupert Sheldrake, who argued that science asks us to “Give us one miracle and we’ll explain the rest”.

Maybe I’m just scared and looking for a reason or purpose to things, but science just doesn’t explain everything for me. For example, the human soul as I understand it doesn’t make sense if you follow a purely scientific view of evolution.

#7. A nice cup of tea makes things better.

#8. Most conspiracy theories are bollocks.

Seriously, given all the gaffes, leaks and hacks the idea that the governments are supremely powerful, well oiled machines that operate in the shadows and can hush things up seems a bit daft.

Also, most have clear flaws-

  1. Government killed JFK- People talk about how Oswald couldn’t have been working alone or that it can’t have been the work of a lone gunman, but look at all the lone gunman shootings the US has had, they have plenty of would-be murderers out there and very few qualms about arming them. Plus, I’ve not heard any really convincing reason for why they’d want JFK dead.
  2. 9/11 was an inside job- Nope, it was terrorists. Why would you set up those events? The risk doesn’t make sense, if it ever got out it was the US government they would lose more than they could ever hope to gain.
  3. The Queen killed Diana- Why? Why make her a martyr? Why not just wait for her to cock up? The tabloids are fickle and eventually, having built her up, would tear her. Why not just let things run their course and have her fulfill the whole “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

None hang together for me, and I don’t think our governments are that slick or clever. I think conspiracy theorists kind of want to think they are because it’s oddly comforting the idea that some people are actually pulling the strings and we don’t live in chaos. But reality suggests they are all too fallible.

Or maybe the mistakes and leaks are all orchestrated to make us doubt their ability to cover stuff up and they’ve chosen what gets out to throw us off the scent.

#9. Connery might be the best Bond, but Moore is the most fun.

Can you tell I’m struggling to come up with 10?


#10. A thing called love

Some folks talk about instincts and the biological drive to reproduce.

Others talk about societal norms and pressures causing delusions or putting too much importance on simple attraction.

I suspect both groups are full of bitter, single people.

Love is real.

It’s a connection we form with family, friends and, if you’re lucky, a partner (or partners, if that’s your bag. Personally, I’m a one woman guy). The bonds formed go further than instinct, and no scientific explanation can fully cover the intensity of the feeling or the strength of the attachments formed.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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