It was a very good year (WARNING! Soppy stuff ahead)

Yesterday was exactly a year since MWG and I started going out. This is the first of my relationships to pass the year mark and celebrating an anniversary was a new thing for me.
It just feels crazy that it’s been a year already, in more than one way. In some ways it feels as though this first year has gone by extremely quickly. I guess you could put this down to the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun”, and aside from a few speed bumps and arguments my relationship with MWG has largely been about fun.
Spending time with her is one of my favourite things, even if we don’t do anything, just cocoon ourselves in bed, watch some TV and gorge ourselves on Domino’s pizza.
I love that we have similar geeky likes, I love how much of a Disney geek she is and how cute and adorable she is when she watches movies (she knows pretty much every song lyric, almost the entire Hercules script and cries every single time when nobody picks Oliver at the start of Oliver & Company). I love that I can just chill out with her, be myself and spend hours talking about pointless things.

Cue MWG sniffling

But at the same time it feels like more than a year. It’s hard to comprehend that you can become so connected to someone in just a year, because over the last 12 months my love for her has just gotten stronger and bigger.
I can’t imagine my life without her now, I have never felt so right with someone, so comfortable and happy to spend time with someone. Even after spending all day with MWG I love seeing her face for the first time in the morning.


I know that we’re going to have plenty more anniversaries and although it’s only one year in, we’re planning for the years to come. We’ve talked about the future a lot, which is a big deal for someone like me, who normally just goes with the flow and sees what happens. Is this relationship a sign that I’m growing up? Probably.
We’ve got a cat together and it is odd how we already feel like a tiny little family unit. We still argue, although most is just bickering, but regardless of how stupid I’ve been or how frustrated she makes me, I always feel that we can sort it out and that I still love her. I feel better with her and that our connection to each other is pretty damn strong and can take the slings and arrows life throws at us. I don’t always succeed, but I really try to make her happy at all times and be considerate of her feelings, but it’s hard when you’re a complete idiot 75% of the time (seriously you’d think with size elevens I’d struggle to get my foot in my mouth, but sometimes I even manage to fit both in there)
In the last year she has become a massive part of my life, possibly the single biggest part. And I can’t wait to see what this, our second year together, will bring.
Apologies if you found this post a little soppy. What can I say? I’m a soft git at heart.

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