Book Review: Oh Myyy! (There goes the internet) by George Takei

The emergence of George Takei as a force on social networking was a surprise to many. The actor, best known as Sulu in Star Trek, was hardly a first pick to become one of the most popular and liked (in more than one sense) celebrities online but Takei’s friendly, jokey presence has garnered him a new wave of fans.
Here Takei talks about the internet, and his experiences with it and the way he uses it. It’s a quick, easy read and quite charming as Takei keeps the jokes coming and seems a likable, easy going kinda guy.


He discusses the pros and cons of sharing things online, and the reactions he’s gotten. It’s interesting when he discusses the positive aspects of his experience and how he has used his online following to raise awareness for causes close to his heart (marriage equality, the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII).
Takei talks about how people criticise him for his beliefs, yet they have come to his page and that despite his celebrity he has the same right to free speech and opinion as anyone else.
It’s a rather light read, and not a detailed look at social networking, but Takei discusses his own experience well and offers some insights into why he thinks social networking works and the net’s good and bad points.
Some might find the use of memes throughout a tad annoying, although I think they probably work better on the e-reader version, but in a paper copy like mine it looked kinda cheap.
Nonetheless it’s a decent way to pass the time and the kind of book you can dip in and out of. It benefits a lot from the fact that Takei is such a cheerful, cheeky character and inspires a great deal of warmth, well, from this writer anyway.
Verdict: Takei is an affable, relaxed writer and displays a lot of warmth and humour. Nothing here is earth shattering, but it’s enjoyable enough and provides an insight into what it’s like to be internet famous. 6/10.
Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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