Book Review: Life…On A High by Nick Spalding

Having quite enjoyed Life…With No Breaks, the book he wrote in one sitting, I was keen to check out Nick Spalding’s follow up, which he wrote on two long distance flights.
The first book was hugely entertaining and I think a large part of that was due to the unique way it was written, and I eagerly dived into this one.


For the most part, it works just as well, with Spalding a funny, honest writer who shares embarrassing stories, rants about his pet peeves and observations on life. Spalding cracks jokes and his stories are hilariously told, meaning I chuckled to myself throughout.
The only problem is that it doesn’t match the original, perhaps this is to be expected, Spalding himself acknowledges the problems of sequels. It also isn’t quite such an achievement, due to the breaks he takes.
My other problem is that Spalding has minor forays into areas like politics, policing, and health and safety, and here his griping lost me. In some areas we differed in opinions and in others I just felt he was trotting out well worn clichés.
There are also constant digs and criticism of various “fat” people, which left a sour taste in the mouth for me.
These quibbles aside his writing is still engaging and the conversational tone worked for me, and he is a comedic talent. He’s open in sharing his embarrassing moments, and consistently amusing. He mentions a third installment and I might check it out, but with less enthusiasm than I had going into this.
Verdict: Spalding is still a funny, engaging writer but some of his rants left me cold and it doesn’t match the first book. Also, the setting for his writing here is less immediate and that might be the reason it lacks the fizz of the first. Still, an entertaining, chuckle raising read. 7/10.
Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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