Everyone is Awesome, and Deserves a Lego Figure

I love Lego, it is hands down one of the best toys ever invented. When I was a kid I spent hours playing with the blocks and even now I’ll stop at the Lego Store in town for some window shopping.
It also inspired a rather awesome movie and cut their ties with Shell over their arctic drilling.

All good right?
Well, there is one area that the Danish company has failed on, and that’s when it comes to representation.
They can make wizards, superheroes and dinosaurs, but apparently they don’t make disabled Lego people which kinda sucks.
I know Lego aren’t alone in this, Playmobil only recently decided to change in this regard, after a campaign by the Toy Like Me group.

Artwork for the Playmobil campaign

The group is now going after Lego, which makes a good sense. Lego is a more visible brand and that’s why it’d be great if they changed.
Representation matters.
A few disabled toys would make a big difference to a lot of kids’ lives. For disabled kids I can only imagine it would be a massive thing to see people who are like them, just like Harry Potter was great for kids with glasses or Static was for urban black youth who were largely ignored in the comic world.
For these kids a couple of toys might make a big impact in how they view themselves. They won’t feel ignored and given the right toys they can see that their disabilities don’t mean they can’t participate.
Representation is important, it can make people view themselves in a more positive way and help them to accept and celebrate their differences.
It’s not just the disabled kids who can benefit, others seeing these toys can gain better understanding of disability. That, of course, depends on their parents talking and explaining the issue, which some may balk at, but really, isn’t that a major part of parenting? Educating your kids, even about stuff that is uncomfortable or difficult to talk about. Your job is to guide those kids to adulthood, and explain the world around them.
So I really hope that Lego takes notice and changes this, gives these kids a chance to see and learn about disability, which will hopefully remove some of the stigma around disability and improve attitudes towards it in the future.
If you agree and want to add your voice you can sign the petition here.
Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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