The role I’m dying to play

Like a lot of people I have a bucket list (see the link at the top of this page), but rather more unusually I have a post-death ambition as well.
Yes, this topic might be a tad morbid, but it randomly came back to me this week.
I’m not a gloomy person normally, but I have planned for my funeral (songs and stuff) and what I want to be done with my mortal remains (MWG has strong objections to sky burials, donating myself to science and being mulched, so at the moment I’m thinking buried with a tree planted atop me).
However, while most of my body goes underground I have bigger plans for my head. You see, inspired by the pianist Andre Tchaikowsky, I’d quite like to appear posthumously in Hamlet as that fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy, Yorick.

Tchaikowsky in action with David Tennant

I think that would be kind of cool. My acting career as a live person hasn’t been that amazing (shepherd, the angel Gabriel, a zombie, a king in panto, a giant and a sinner in a Biblical play) so it would be quite cool to grace the Royal Shakespeare Company’s stage or a movie.
Unlike Tchaikowsky, however, I’d want a good billing:

And introducing Chris Page as Yorick

I might not be around to see it, but if there’s an afterlife I’d get a kick out of that and I think some of my more macabre friends and family would too.
Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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