Play like a girl

While the organisation was under scrutiny for corruption allegations and its leader refused to step down, putting self interest before all else, FIFA did actually manage to get something right, although how much of this was down to them is unknown.
It was announced that the next edition of the FIFA computer game, created by EA Sports would feature women’s national sides. This is pretty cool, in my book.


While not a console owner myself I frequently enjoy MWG’s xBox and picked up a copy of FIFA 13 for 50p, and am currently obsessed with shepherding Bristol Rovers up the divisions.
FIFA 16 was already on the wishlist, but I’m even more happy to get it in light of this new addition to the game.
I’d actually thought about it before, after reading about how differently the women’s game is viewed in other countries especially Germany where the standard and investment is higher. I thought then that including women’s teams in games would be a quick and easy way to raise the game’s profile. It would also be a great thing for young female fans to see, showing them the female stars.
The Women’s World Cup matches are televised but with a tiny amount of fanfare, in stark contrast to the ubiquity of the men’s tournament. While it may be some time before it catches up in terms of money and fans, it would be nice if the women’s game got more of a push. I only know the games are on because I was watching the men’s game. Where are the trailers, BBC?
Growing exposure can only help the sport develop and flourish, and serve as a good image for girls who are told that football is “for boys”, or who’s love of the game is dismissed or doubted.
Being able to play as female players will tell these young girls that there is a place for them in the footballing world. And that’s a good thing, surely?
Of course, there are some who aren’t happy. Mainly misogynistic morons who seem affronted that women are entering their domain and there’s been plenty of sexist drivel trotted out, with some complaining that the women should be omitted as the standard of play is poor, umm, this is a game that includes Cardiff City, guys.
If you don’t want to play as a women’s team, you don’t have to. I have no interest in playing as Nottingham Forest, and I’ve found it easy to avoid doing so.
But some people will want to, so let them crack on. Why would you be so angry about something which has little to no effect on you but will make others happy?
Oh, and also, to the guys complaining that this is “equality gone too far” please explain how things can be too equal?
Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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