Book Review: Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act by Ron Gutman

This was a Kindle single I picked up which is based on a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talk that Ron Gutman gave. For those unfamiliar the TED conferences are laid on around the world under the banner of “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

Gutman is an entrepreneur who’s CEO of a health and well being company and a seasoned traveler. His topic for his talk was smiles and their power.
smile gutman

Whether it’s alleviating a tense and seemingly hostile bus ride in Zambia or just smiling at a baby Gutman investigates why the smile is a global similarity that all humans share and the different effects it can have on our lives. It’s interesting to learn that research shows that frequent smiling can actually raise your mood, even if it’s for no reason, and that it’s actually more effective than eating chocolate or getting money for making us happy.

Gutman’s a positive voice who explains that smiling can set off a chain reaction which makes others feel better, makes them smile and in turn makes us feel better. It’s also the case that the people we smile at are likely to go on and pay it forward, which is pretty cool.

It’s a great quick read that gives you a few interesting fact and makes you think about how a small thing can make a difference to your life. And it’ll make you want to go out there and smile more, even if only for the reason that it’s supposed to make you appear more attractive, which someone really needs to tell Victoria Beckham, before her face freezes into that pout.

Verdict: An interesting and extremely positive read about how a simple smile can change our situation and our emotions. Filled with interesting facts it’ll make you think more about the power of your smile and make you want to use it as much as you can. 8/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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