Twelve pound seventeen?!
For this I schlepped all the way to Tesco, soaked my feet and got splashed by a passing car?
A while ago I added a money tin to my Amazon wish list. You know the deal, it’s like a regular food tin that you have to use a tin opener for. The idea is that you keep saving until its full, so you don’t just constantly raid your change reserves.
I’ve had mine for over a year now and everytime I had coppers or 5ps I’d toss them in. Every so often I’d give it a little shake or lift to see how full it felt, imagining what I’d do with all the cash I’d saved up.
This week with it almost full and my money getting low I thought I’d cash in. I broke into it, dumped it into a carrier bag and headed out into the rain to use the Coinstar machine.
I felt sure that I was looking at a decent payout, maybe around the thirty quid mark. Enough to treat myself to some comics, or maybe a trip to see Mad Max: Fury Road, or a Dominos for MWG and me. Whatever I daydreamed about strolling out with a wad of cash.
It was disappointing then that as the last few coins clunked down that the display showed that I only had a little over £12 to show for a year of coin hording.
It’d be like if they priced up Smaug’s trove and it worked out to be a couple of hundred quid.
£12 to spend is better than a bunch of coins you can’t use, but still, I’m now kinda annoyed that I hadn’t thrown in a few 10ps along the way, or waited until it was completely full.
I took £2 of my savings to Costa for a latte and then wandered home, wet, disappointed and a lot poorer than I’d hoped.
This is the annoying thing about change, it weighs a ton and then works out to be a pathetically small amount.
Gods, reading this back could it be any more of a First World Problem? Woe is me, I only have just over a tenner.
I don’t think I’d be that bothered if the weather was nice today or if I hadn’t hyped it up in my head.
Overthinking, see, never a good thing to do.
Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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