Book Review: Life…With no breaks by Nick Spalding

I’d heard about this book a while ago, it’s a big seller on Amazon and so is often on their lists of books to check out. Reading the summary had intrigued me.

The basic idea here is that Spalding, a successful e-book writer, decided to write a memoir in one sitting. Aiming to write for 24 hours, virtually non-stop and publish the result. It’s an interesting idea and it pays off with a very fun and involving book.

Spalding talks to the reader like they’re sat in the room with him as he takes on this challenge and the book has a laid back, conversational tone which is easy to read and charming. It’s helped enormously by the fact that Spalding is an extremely funny writer, his anecdotes reveal his gifts as a storyteller and there’s a lot of skill in the way he peppers the book with call backs and running gags.

life-no-breaks spalding

The book jumps between anecdotes and Spalding’s observations on life, including work, family and manners. Because of the way its written there are little tangents and random comments, but Spalding has the discipline to shape it properly which suggests some planning went into what he was going to write. He mentions his ex-wife early on and then loops back later to give more details, and this is one of the books strongest sections, because Spalding writes in an open and honest way as he reflects on what went wrong.

If it was just joke after joke, or even amusing anecdote after amusing anecdote it would feel stale, but it’s the way he switches between humour and genuine observation and reflection that makes it such a rewarding book and it’s the sort of book that’s a pleasure to lose yourself in.

It’s a fairly quick read, so the ideal book for a short trip away or to dip in and out of when you have a few minutes spare.

There’s a sequel, written during a long haul flight, and that has gone right onto my “to read” list.

Verdict: A funny and engaging memoir, Spalding is fine company. He writes in an open, honest manner which is refreshing and he manages to keep the reader interested and threads the important stories of his life throughout. 8/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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