15 Minute Blog: Dave and the Brain Fade

Another 15 minute timed writing. Went for 15 because I was scribbling by hand and I can type quicker than I can write, which is weird. Typed up as written, but tidied up a little.

Does it matter that David Cameron doesn’t really like football?

Not really.

Does it matter that he lied/exaggerated his following of Aston Villa?

Not that much.

Does it matter that he or the Tory PR thought he should lie about it?


Cameron’s “brain fade” (a term I rather like) which came when he urged folks to support West Ham United, when he’d previously stated he was an Aston Villa fan, was daft, and given undue press coverage, but most missed the main issue.

Probably the kit similarity that threw him

Probably the kit similarity that threw him

Instead of calling him a liar and/or fool, why don’t we discuss how daft it is that a politician feels they have to fake an interest in football.

Not everyone likes, football, and that’s fine.

Not following the beautiful game doesn’t make Cameron out of touch because for millions of Brits footy isn’t a big deal. For some it’s something they actively loathe.

Cameron not liking it doesn’t make me think any less of him. I’m not a Tory or Cameron fan and that would be the same even if he came out as a Swansea fan and revealed he had a chest tattoo of Cyril the Swan.


PR seems to have gone nuts with this “man of the people” stuff, but who are “the people”?

Folks are diverse. Heck, even within football fans there’s a massive difference. There are 92 teams in the football league, and all of them have fans.

Why not stop trying to be “man of the people” and just be themselves?

You don’t like football? Fine.

Your music taste isn’t cool? No worries?

Don’t give a toss about the X-Factor? Right there with you, brother.

Don’t lie to us, though, because you’ll only get caught out, or look desperate as you try and show you’re “just like us”, like those awful teachers who try to be down with the kids.

Another issue in all of this was highlighted by Caroline Criado-Perez, the feminist who headed the campaign to get more women on banknotes.

austen banknote

CC-P pointed out the ridiculousness of Cameron being lambasted and seen as less masculine for not liking football. Why is liking football seen as being essential to manliness in our society? Does not liking it make Dave seem less manly or rather less of a “bloke”?

Being a man is a rather odd concepts, ask people and you’ll probably get different answers from them, and that makes sense, there are around 3.5 billion men on Earth and there are few, if any, things that apply to all of us.

You can like football, tennis, cricket or none of the above, you’re still as much of a man as the biggest sports nut.

I mean, football isn’t just liked by men, there are lots of women who like the sport.

A real man, for me, likes what he likes. He doesn’t pretend to care about things just to impress others.

That’s where Cameron went wrong, in my opinion, he should have told the PR folks to sod off and confessed that he’s not really that fussed on the sport.

Personally I’d have respected that a lot more.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.



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