UKIP are wrong about Foreign Aid

UKIP launched their manifesto today and one of their policies is to reduce foreign aid spending.

This is exactly the kind of policy that ‘Kippers will like because they probably assume that a massive was flies out every year so that Johnny Foreigner gets a pool or something, when it really should be used on reintroducing national service or building a giant wall around the UK.

For me it was just depressing to think that this is what might be a deciding factor in how some people vote.

“Send money to victims of natural disasters or the developing world? Bah! Not on my watch.”

You must be one callous dude or dudette to think like that.

And before anyone chips in with “charity begins at home”, tell me exactly how UKIP are sticking up for our poorest and most vulnerable?

The thing is on issues like this the general public will, sadly listen. This is because they are pessimists or morons, sometimes both. A study a few years back (link) revealed that the general public tend to think things are worse (subjectively) than they actually are.

Foreign aid is one of these.

In 2013 the UK hit its foreign aid target. That target was 0.7% of the gross national income.


That’s pretty damn low already.

The Guardian (link) worked out this was £180 per person. Or £15 a month.

That’s not a lot.

UKIP would argue that its wrong for each UK citizen to be deprived of £180 a year. Well, that’s not the issue. The government would find somewhere else to spend it, and probably somewhere less moral than foreign aid.

Personally I’m glad and proud that the UK aids other nations. But maybe I’m just soft or, you know, possessing compassion.

Not only are UKIP wrong, but contradictory. They should embrace foreign aid spending.

UKIP are extremely anti-immigrant (unless they’ve married them) and this xenophobic nature lurks behind the “cheery bloke with a pint” photo ops. It’s little wonder the party is repeatedly hit with racism scandals, racism being xenophobia’s nastier big brother.

The thing is if you don’t want immigrants the sending money abroad is a good idea. It’ll improve the situation there, and the nicer it is there the less likely they’ll want to come over here.

Nige and co. should want to spend more- a theme park in every Polish town, ponies for all Nigerians and free WiFi coverage for every inch of Romania.

Of course, that’d be a harder sell. Far easier to ignore the facts and scare a bunch of heartless, pessimistic morons.

The kind of people who have ensured that Comic Relief has to point out they help UK causes too.

When did we get so heartless, Britain?

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

One thought on “UKIP are wrong about Foreign Aid

  1. I’m one of those people whose a bit…iffy on the idea of foreign aid. Not because of any callousness on my part, but because it tends to have a lot of unintended effects that end up being worse in the long run than if you’d done nothing at all.

    For example, large parts of Africa have been suffering from famine for, well, decades now. Yet despite this, the populations in those areas is booming. Booming so rapidly in fact, that part of the reason the famine hasn’t ended is because the area has become far over populated for what their lands could support in times of plenty. Due to this lack of resources, the peoples there have turned to massive wars and ethnic cleansing as they try to gain enough area to support “their people.” Yet because of the famine and wars, we send greater amounts of foreign aid…allowing more people to live, grow up, and go to war, and so the cycle grows.

    Now, it is not bad to give aid to other nations when something bad happens. Tsunami, earthquake, etc. But these are short term problems which can generally be solved with short term aid. The major issue is with long term aid, because as illustrated above, it only makes the problems worse, not better. If we stopped aid to those African countries, yes…a lot of people would die. They would starve to death, or die of sickness, or war, and the population would eventually reach a state sustainable by its environment and you would see peace between the peoples start to appear because then they wouldn’t be fighting for land or foreign aid supplies.

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