Awkward moments: Wet balls

Like any rational person with a basic understanding of hygiene and germs, I don’t like touching toilet flushes. I get why we need them, but imagining the other hands and what might have been on them touching the same handle is gross.
So I applaud that anonymous genius who invented the hands free flush. You know the thing, there’s a sensor and you wave your hand in front of it and it flushes.
Its genius and keeps you away from unnecessary germs.
But like the inventors of mobile phones, cars and television, this clever fellow’s gift to mankind, while useful can wind up in the hands of idiots.
Like the folks who design the toilets in the St David’s centre in Cardiff.
They’ve gone for contactless flushes (and soap dispensers) and that’s great the problem is that after they made this decision they let a complete knucklehead install it.
It was because of these idiots that when I sat down to go about my business on the way to work earlier this week, I wound up with wet balls because the flush went off literally as soon as my arse hit the seat.
I’m a big bloke, but I ain’t the biggest, so if my shoulder is setting off the sensor then others will to. And take it from someone who’s been there, having to tissue dry your balls before you go to your first day at a new job is not a great experience.
This is why, regardless of the genius of an idea, if its initiated by idiots it’s all foe nothing. A tiny bit of thought or sense would have told them to put the sensor someone else, and kept my balls dry.
Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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