Budapest Part 4: Dizzy heights and return flights

Our last day started with a hasty last minute pack, breakfast stuffing and then we wandered over to the tram station to catch one into town. We’d missed our sightseeing bus but took a stroll over the Danube by bridge and wandered around Pest for a bit before we arrived at the basilica, as we’d decided to ascend the tower.

MWG isn’t great with heights, yet she was pushing for it as the views are said to be impressive. The first stage of the trip up was easy enough, with us traveling by lift but then we took to the stairs, which were metal, a tad shaky and spiral, which made MWG a bit more nervous. We stopped halfway up and I attempted to calm her nerves, and advised her to take it slower. She was breathing faster due to nerves, and going full tilt was just making this worse, so we slowed up.

She improved once we hit some straight stairs and took to the stone walkway around the dome. I was impressed that she’d faced her fears and while she was still a little cautious, she managed to circle the dome, snap some photos and even go nearer the edge so I could get a shot, even if she looked nervous in it. I was quite proud of her for doing it and that despite her nerves she’d enjoyed the views.

The view from the top (the big building with the redish roofs is the parliament)
The view from the top (the big building with the redish roofs is the parliament)

I have to admit, while I’m not too bad with heights, even my legs were a little shaky and after a full lap, I was more than happy to get back to earth.

Halfway down I saw the sign below, and I’m rather glad MWG and I hadn’t passed it on the way up.

BP sign

We laughed, but it was slightly nervous, hysterical laughter.

Terra firma and some chocolate helped calm us both and then we boarded the bus to see a few more of the sights and head for our second cat cafe of the week.

This one wasn’t quite as nice, with fewer cats who were all a little shy, although you did get a slice of cake with your entry fee and that brought the cats towards you. Cats did their magic again, cheering up MWG and we set off to catch a bus back to the centre.

Unfortunately time constraints meant that we didn’t get to do two things we’d been looking forward to, and so the river tour and Memento Park (where all the old soviet statues have been stashed) will have to join Columbo on the “next time” list.

MWG had used her noodle and had screenshots of various Hungarian phrases that would help us figure out how to get to the airport, and it impressed the staff at the metro station, who were extremely helpful and went out of their way to tell us how to get to where we needed to. There was a bit of a language barrier, but the dude managed to explain it to us, and I was impressed by just how far he went to help us, which seemed to be a regular characteristic shown by the Hungarians we dealt with (cab driver aside).

The flight back was uneventful, although I had to wait ages to get to border control at the other side due to me not having a fancy new electronic passport. The drive home was long (road works, or rather a ton of cones and no signs of activity), and when we finally got home at around 5am we climbed right into bed, grateful to be home and incredibly pleased with our trip.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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