Budapest Part 2: Feline Good

So, MWG was flagging. We’d seen the synagogue, and the outside of St Stephen’s basilica, but we needed a break from walking and a boost.

Luckily, I’d spotted a flyer for something I knew would perk MWG right up and the map informed us we were mere minutes from it, and so we headed for it and then we found it.

The Cat Cafe.

The Cat Cafe
The Cat Cafe

The idea of a cat cafe is wonderfully simple, and I’m a little surprised it hasn’t spread further and quicker.

It’s basically a cafe. With cats.

For non-cat lovers, or those with allergies, I’m sure this sounds like hell, but for feline fans it’s a dream come true. And MWG is a massive feline fan, she can’t pass a cat in the street without stopping to coo over it and has an uncanny ability to befriend almost every cat. If we ever got lost in Africa and menaced by a rogue lion I wouldn’t be surprised if ten minutes later MWG was scratching it on the head and have it purring itself to sleep.

The cafe was home to twelve cats, who lounged around the place like they owned it. It was hard to judge if being the main attraction had gone to their heads, because cats already swan about like furry lords anyway, but they seemed pretty happy.

We paid a little bit much for a latte each and sat there, stroking the cats and taking photos. It was rather lovely, and chilled out and the staff were far happier than the average coffee shop staff.

I’ve heard that stroking a cat is good for your health. It reduces stress and does all these other wonderful things for you, and while I’m not a scientist, and none of the customers were rigged up to sensors, I think it does, because everyone there was happy, relaxed and friendly with one another.

MWG was in “kitty heaven” (her phrase, not mine) and I think if the coffees had been more reasonable, or the weather more miserable, she’d have happily stayed in there all day. I’m not as big a cat fan, although I’ve always had cats and loved them, but I would have been fine chilling there, because there’s nothing better than seeing someone you love ridiculously happy.

MWG making a new friend.
MWG making a new friend.

Refreshed, I dragged MWG away from the cats and we headed to the Basilica for some more culture.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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