Resolutions 2015

That time of year ago so here we go-

1. Be nicer

I’m not a scumbag or anything, but I could definitely do with being nicer. More patient, and a little more considerate. So this is a major one, I’m going to try and be politer, more helpful and try to do at least 3 nice things a day, whether this is acts of kindness or just giving compliments. By the way, love what you’ve done with your hair today.


2. Live healthier

I have a Whitesnake shirt to fit into, and I need to get a bit healthier, so less junk food and start running again.


3. Travel more

I really want to travel, and this year I plan to have a few trips with MWG. One is already booked for Budapest and we’re hoping to go to Download this year, but I’d like to maybe fit in a few more minor trips as well.

4. Manage money better

This may hamper some of the other resolutions, but I really need to get better at budgeting and start building some savings up.

5. Socialize more

I’m really bad at staying in touch with my friends and I need to be better and see them more often. Basically I’m just lazy when it comes to organizing stuff.

6. Get another tattoo

I’ve wanted one for a while and have a bunch of ideas, I’m hoping to get a BBW pinup/mermaid done, and MWG has offered this as a birthday present, and I’m trying to save for a few smaller pieces. The picture below isn’t what I want, though it’s sort of similar, I just think it looks boss.


7. Be more positive/Complain less

8. Try at least one new thing a month

Scuba diving, going in a shark cage, white collar boxing, whatever, I want to have some new experiences this year and challenge myself. They can help with the healthy living, crossing things off my bucket list and might help make me write more interesting posts for you guys.

9. Read for at least half an hour a day

I love reading, and I think setting myself half an hour to lose myself in a good book would be a nice way to get some quiet time and enjoy some quality books.

10. Rememberlutions/Jolly Jar

Heard about this on another blog, and then Buzzfeed did a piece on it. Basically the idea is that you get a jar/tin and then throughout the year put in your accomplishments and good memories, and then at the end of the year you read them back.

It sounds like a good way to focus on the positives and means even if I don’t get 10 out of 10 on these resolutions I’ll have something good to look back on make me feel better.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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