Only the good die young

I like to keep an eye out on the weirder and smaller news stories, and today I read one that caught my eye.

An elderly couple in Switzerland have just got pinched for going on a mini-crime spree where they raided the collection boxes of local churches, stealing hundreds of Swiss francs in the process.

Writing about Switzerland, so may as well break out this quality pun
Writing about Switzerland, so may as well break out this quality pun

But this isn’t a story of the recession biting and forcing the coffin dodging brigade into a life of crime, no the couple in their early 70s are apparently well off and started their robbing as a source of excitement. They’ve said that they got a buzz from “the pleasure of the forbidden” (which would be a good album title) and seem to have just got hooked on it.

In many ways it’s a terrible story, with this rich couple stealing other people’s charitable donations, which is pretty low. And even as an agnostic I’d never rob from a religious organization, just in case those guys are actually right. Best not to make any enemies if you can avoid it.

At the same time there’s something oddly charming about the story, and you can imagine it being reworked into a lighthearted caper movie.

Pitch time:

An ageing couple, stuck in a humdrum small town life steal some cash to pay for a taxi, having to leg it to avoid capture. The buzz they get from it leaves them on a high and they decide to start a crime spree to add some spark to their lives. They go on the lam, robbing their way from town to town and enjoying themselves again (cue montage of them dancing and drinking in bars, or whatever).

I’m seeing Anthony Hopkins and the foxy Helen Mirren as the couple, Emily Blunt as their mortified daughter who has to deal with the fallout and Chris O’Dowd as the bungling copper who has to bring them in, and falls for Blunt in the process.

Helen Mirren

Incidentally if anyone makes that movie now I expect a bit of cash, or at least an invite to the premiere and a chance to meet Emily Blunt and Helen Mirren, which will probably be a short meeting before their security bounced me, but it’d still be nice.

Anyway, sorry for the short post today, but I’m still kinda hungover, so this will have to do.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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