I love wrestling, and I love a good heartwarming news story, so this week I had a bit of a meltdown over a truly moving story from Wrestlemania.

The big news was that the Undertaker’s unbeaten streak was finally ended after 21 years by Brock Lesnar (seriously, they gave it to Lesnar? Deep breaths, Chris, deep breaths)



But there was a much smaller, moving story playing out as well.

This involved 8 year old Connor Michalek, who was suffering with brain cancer and who sadly passed away recently. Connor was a massive WWE fan, in particular of current superstar Daniel Bryan, and having met several of the stars before was invited to front row seats at the event.

Connor with Daniel Bryan

Connor with Daniel Bryan

I can only imagine how happy this must have made Connor, because as a kid if I’d met Hulk Hogan and got to knock Jake the Snake Roberts to the mat I’d have been euphoric for months, and looking at the footage and pictures shows how much this meant to the lad.

The WWE went all out and while attending an earlier event the WWE had Connor come to the ring before the show, accompanied by Bryan and with his own name “Connor the Crusher” up on screen, while the wrestlers gathered at ringside and Connor got to knock down and pin Triple H.

At ‘Mania, Bryan won the main event and hugged Connor at ringside. I watched the whole video shown below the other day, and being a soft git, I got a little choked up, and I ain’t gonna lie, I got choked up again getting the clips and stuff for this post.

I know a cynic will look at this and think that it’s great publicity for the WWE, and it is, but it’s still admirable, and the wrestlers are clearly affected deeply and happy to be able to make the life of sick kids better.

Look at John Cena, who is the Make-A-Wish record holder having visited 450 fans through the foundation. I’m not a massive fan of Cena as a wrestler, but that is a classy move, and I salute him for that.

john cena

Connor passed away a few weeks after Wrestlemania, and was gone far too early, but I’m glad that the WWE stars and staff helped give him some happy days and his family a good memory of him. Rest in peace, Crusher.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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