If you need an easy way to remember it, just think of a bag of crap

I’m home for Easter at the moment, which is pretty cool- better shower, comfier sofa, better food. It’s been cool to destress and relax a bit, and to chill out at home with the family.

This involves going for walks, as my parents do this a lot. I kinda dig it, I’ll often walk around Roath Lake anyway, so I seem to have inherited it, although maybe not the obsessive bird watching.

Today we were going for a walk and I saw something that really pissed me off.

I really want a dog. My family had one years ago, but it seemed to be half Jack Russell, half hellhound so we had to rehome it where there were no kids.

This kinda put off the rest of the clan, who are mainly cat people but me, I’d love a dog. Preferably something kinda small and ugly.

Miniature English Bulldogs Picture

Dogs are a lot more fun than cats, you can play with them, walk them and they react to you with open affection not mild irritation. Take Paranormal Activity 2– that dog is always trying to warn them that shit ain’t right in the house, a cat? He’d just leg it down the road to whoever else is willing to feed him.

The one downside of the whole dog owning scenario is having to pick up after them.

Picking up your mutt’s business in a plastic bag would probably have you rethinking who the boss is. But faced with a hefty fine the momentary ickiness of feeling warm ex-chum through plastic is probably preferable.

Then of course you have to carry it until the next red bin you pass, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

Or so I thought, but on our walk today I started to realize that for some dog-owners this is too much of a hassle and saw about five bags tied to branches of trees.

Before I get to the rudeness aspect, can I just ask what’s the bloody point? If you’re not going to dispose of it in a bin why even bother bagging it up? You may as well leave it on the ground!

At least on the ground it’ll eventually biodegrade, but sealed in a plastic bag hanging from a tree? That’s going nowhere, sunshine.

Plus, you’ve made the effort of bagging it up. That’s the hard part!  Come on, guys, just carry it a couple of hundred yards.

It takes more effort to find a tree and hang it up.

I get the feeling that sometimes they bag it up because someone else is around and they don’t want to get judged/done for leaving the doggy do on the floor. Then as soon as they’re on their own, up it goes into the branches. They’re only doing the right thing because of the fear of being caught, which isn’t why you do it. You do it because you own the dog and it’s your responsibility. Pick it up, throw it in the bin so that nobody’s day is ruined by stepping in it (I know it won’t be stood on in the tree, but it’s still gross as hell), and it’s dealt with properly.

Tying it up in a tree is just bad form and extremely dumb. Come on, dog owners, don’t be dicks.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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