What Josie did next

Okay, this is the fifth time I’m writing about Josie Cunningham, so here’s a quick recap for the uninitiated-

Josie was a young lady who was bullied and felt terrible about herself as a result of being flat chested. The NHS granted her a free boob job to fix this, which did not go over well with the British tabloid press, who attacked it as a waste of tax payer cash, but I kind of saw it as helping with someone’s emotional health and well being, which is also what the NHS works towards in its holistic approach (1).

Josie playing up to the controversy, which actually makes sense for her career

Josie playing up to the controversy, which actually makes sense for her career

Josie’s plan was to use the new boobs to kick start a glamour modelling career. However, this failed to materialize and Josie felt that the new boobs were ruining her life and getting her negative attention (2) and might get them removed, later on she even planned to sue the NHS for negligence (3). Throughout this I tried to remain sympathetic and to understand what might have caused this series of events, believing that much of it stemmed from insecurity and that people were unduly harsh in their treatment of her.

Then earlier this month I found out that Josie was now working as an escort, with a view of paying off the boob job (4). I don’t know Miss Cunningham, but I felt a bit worried that she might be getting herself into some murky waters and risked being exploited or hurt further.

Having written about her a few times and receiving a tweet from her, I’m kinda invested in what happens to Josie. God that sounded stalkery, didn’t it? Anyway, what I mean is, I’ve been keeping an eye on how she’s doing and hoping that stuff works out for her. She’s recently revealed she’s pregnant with her third child, and I was pleased for her and felt congratulations were in order.

However, I then found out that she doesn’t know the identity of the father and it may be one of her clients. This is hardly ideal and sadly by running the story in Closer it’s put Josie back in the public eye and the firing line.

Frankly, some of the comments I’ve seen thrown her way are disgusting, vile and cruel missives which I can’t fully understand. I get that some people disagree with the NHS footing the bill for her boob job or some of her choices, I’m not on board with some of them, but she’s still a person and there’s no need to send her such hurtful, cruel things. How empty does your life have to be to single out someone you don’t know for such abuse? Come on, guys. don’t be a dick.

In an article I read about the story Josie revealed that she wasn’t entirely sure and had been shocked by the revelation. The two potential fathers are this client, and a friend with benefits. I’m hoping it’s the friends with benefits, just because at least that’s slightly easier to explain to the kid.

There’s gonna have to be a DNA test, which I hope will be performed behind closed doors and kept quiet, but I fear will just become the next installment in Josie’s press story.

I at least hope it’s not done on The Jeremy Kyle Show, because I honestly think Josie would get mauled by Jezza’s juggernaut of self righteousness and just get her even more attention, and she doesn’t need that or the resulting backlash.

The most punchable man in Britain?

Anyway, I hope that Josie’s pregnancy isn’t too hard on her and that she and the baby have a happy future. Again, I have to hope that Josie can slip out of the public eye and thus be away from the scrutiny and criticism she gets online. It can’t be helpful to someone who’s had problems with confidence in the past to be constantly besieged by dickheads throwing insults at you.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

Here for more.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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