We’ve all seen those posts where someone takes to Facebook to have a bit of a whinge. Hell, most of us will have posted one or two. 

They are my fifth least favourite type of post, after:

  1. Those really vague ones where people just want folks to respond to them and ask if everything’s okay. Attention seeking douches.
  2. The twelfth picture of their baby in a row, all of which are essentially the same thing but from slightly different angles.
  3. Any post that refers to a partner as “a special someone”. Really? Superman is a special someone, your boyfriend/girlfriend is just a regular Joe/Josephine.
  4. “Like/Share this if BLANK” Blank usually being something so obvious I took it as read that most of my “friends” already felt that way. “Oh, my gods! You hate child abuse? I always thought that would totally be your bag.”

Anyway, they always kind of bum me out. I mean, sometimes people need to vent, but come on folks there’s venting and then there’s just bitching.

And what does it get you? Huh? Sure you unload and feel briefly better, or maybe it gets you some sympathetic “Likes” but sometimes it’s just dampening someone else’s day. Nobody likes to see their friends having a bad day. I mean, sure I have some “friends” who I’m not overly emotionally involved with, but I don’t wish them ill (well, most of them).


But this week I found out another reason for why you should try to be more upbeat on social networks. Apparently research shows that a positive status update actually spreads happiness and positive energy around your network.

That’s pretty boss, I mean, it’s like passing on the good vibes. Which is definitely a good thing. There’s a bunch of yadda yadda about how it all works but basically, be happy and others get happy.

So that’s my new resolution, I’m gonna be more positive on social networks, not just because I don’t want to look like a miserable douche but also because I want my mates to feel good too. So I urge you to all go out and try and post a positive status or two in the next day or so.


Seriously, we could all stand to focus on the good parts of life a little more, couldn’t we?

Just don’t make it sound like gloating, alright, guys?

Hope that didn’t sound too preachy. If it did sound like I was preaching, feel free to make a donation.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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