That’s not kosher

I recently wrote about a Danish zoo getting in hot water for killing a giraffe, but now the Danish government are facing a backlash for not killing animals.

Or rather, not allowing them to be killed in certain ways. Denmark has passed a new law that came into effect on Monday that bans animals from being killed in the way that makes them suitable for Jews and Muslims to eat them.

Basically it breaks down like this- for meat to be allowed by their religious laws, the animal has to be killed in a traditional way, which means no stunning blow to the head, but the animal having it’s throat slut and hung upside down (or the other way round) for the blood to drain from the body.

One of the minister’s involved, Dan Jorgensen, commented that “animal rights come before religion”.

I gotta disagree with Mr Jorgensen, because that just doesn’t sit right with me.

I’m not religious, and I don’t fully understand why the rules of kosher and halal or so important, but the fact is they are. It is a core part of the beliefs of two religions, and Denmark’s new law is infringing on their right to practice their chosen religion and follow it’s rules.

People’s religious freedom is being infringed upon and that isn’t right. This is a rule that doesn’t harm anyone. Denmark’s law is basically a country that is predominantly Christian telling other religions that their beliefs don’t matter, and to me that’s just wrong. The West can’t condemn regimes in Africa or the East where religious beliefs govern their laws and penalize those who don’t adhere to them.

Law and religion should be separate, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum, and there are different belief systems and religion. And that’s fine. We’ve got to live with each others, and our laws should respect all of their rights, as long as their beliefs don’t harm others. Denmark’s new law is basically them saying that Jews and Muslims don’t deserve the same rights and that a cow is more important.

That’s not just stupid, it’s dehumanizing. Putting people on the same level, or beneath, critters is standard policy when you want to abuse or marginalize them. See the way blacks were viewed during the slave trade, or Jews in the Nazi regime. I’m not saying the Danes are like Nazis, the internet’s traditional hyperbolic criticism of all and sundry, but dehumanizing a group of people has worrying precedents and is never right.

“Animal rights come before religion”, I think they meant “other people’s religion”, or else wouldn’t they have outlawed all meat, regardless of how the animals are whacked? Or maybe that’d damage their economy a bit too much, so clearly their view is:

Religion < Animal rights < Krone

So basically, shame on you Denmark, you’re acting like a bunch of dicks.

Read here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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