Tabloid trainwreck: The continuing saga of Josie Cunningham

This is the fourth time that I’m going to write about Josie Cunningham, who has sadly kept popping back onto my radar. I don’t know Cunningham, so all my views are based on the impression I get from her interviews.

Cunningham was the young lady who in March of last year got a breast enhancement on the NHS, after describing how her flat chest had “ruined her life” and announced plans to become a glamour model, hoping to be “the new Katie Price” which is a depressing dream for anyone to have. Then in July she was back saying that she wasn’t happy with her new boobs and wanted them reduced, stating “They’re making my working life difficult. They’re so big I find them embarrassing and I don’t feel I can do any modelling because they’ve attracted so much negative attention.”

Then there was her third appearance when she was preparing to sue the NHS over the operation and what she felt was negligence which caused her emotional distress.

I’ve always tried to remain sympathetic towards Josie, because she strikes me as someone who is clearly insecure and troubled. She had the initial operation because she felt badly about her body and clearly felt that her flat chest was to blame and that the new boobs would give her the chance to build a better life for herself.

However, things didn’t work out this way and I’d imagine that the problems that she had continued to plague her. So she wanted the implants gone, the suing the NHS part I can’t really defend and was the point where I started to lose patience with her.

Her most recent appearance is slightly worrying, with Cunningham selling a story to Closer revealing that she is planning to pay for her own breast reduction by earning money as an escort. Cunningham states that she makes £450 for dinner with a client and a grand for a full night, which includes sex.

That seems pretty expensive to me.

Anyway, Cunningham says that she doesn’t care if others judge her and that she enjoys the job and that “it’s like getting paid to date”. She even states that the only challenge the job poses is:

The only hard part is not falling for the client because some are really attractive. I enjoy sex so it’s not like it’s a chore and the free dinners are great

To me this seems a case of the lady protesting too much.

I’m not sure someone who appears as vulnerable and insecure as Cunningham should be getting involved in such an exploitative industry and I worry for how this is going to pan out for her. Cunningham’s twitter reveals she has a manager and does interviews (as well as Closer she’s also featured in the Sunday Sport this week) but it seems that she spends the majority of her time engaging in spats with people who send her abuse.

Cunningham seems to want some sort of fame, and has even seized on her notoriety a bit, but from where I sit she seems like someone who really isn’t suited to the limelight. Her constant return fire to tweeted slights shows that they clearly needle her and it’s clear she is someone who struggles with feeling inadequate and uncomfortable with her body. Being thrust into the spotlight and under more scrutiny can hardly be good for her.

I hope that Cunningham saves the money for her breast reduction and afterwards can find a way to make peace with her insecurities and feel better about herself, and that she doesn’t get used too badly in her new career and lives a happy life. Preferably away from the public eye.

Story here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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