Crossing the boundary into dickhood

Sometimes you read a story and experience two conflicting opinions at once.

Today I heard about a story from New Zealand, where a cricket team of schoolboys, representing St John’s College took on an adult team which included a former first class player, Craig Findlay.

Findlay took to the crease and delivered a pretty devastating performance, smashing 27 sixes on the way to amassing an impressive 307 runs. Findlay was apparently tearing the bowling attack apart to the extent that the

My conflicting feelings about Findlay were:

  1. Well it was a competitive match, and it would be insulting to throw the match
  2. What a dick!

For the first, I think it was fair enough for Findaly to start throwing the bat and go for a good score. I mean, this wasn’t a friendly and it would be patronizing to the youngsters to take it easy on them. They wouldn’t gain anything from the experience and losing is part of the sporting experience.

Craig Findlay played for Central District Stags and now a CEO of the Hawke's Bay Cricket Association

Craig Findlay played for Central District Stags and now a CEO of the Hawke’s Bay Cricket Association

However, there is a point when it becomes a dick move.

For me, passing the second century would probably be the time to knock it on it’s heads, you’ve had a great innings and I’m imagining taken a commanding lead for your team. Retire with a bit of class.

Or maybe when the opposing captain asks you to retire. Twice.

Yeah, that’s a bit dickish.

I mean, there’s a point where you’re just beating a man who’s done and it feels like poor sportsmanship. Smashing onward just seems to be very poor form, you just can’t shake the feeling that after a certain point Findlay was just showboating and enjoying his moment of glory.

It’s a rare incident of a noteworthy sporting achievement being soured by the competitor having acted like a bit of a dick.

Seriously, not cool.

More details.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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