And now it is Christmas, and what have you done?

I hate to quote anything John Lennon did post-Beatles, but that lyric carries a lot of heft. Christmas comes at the end of the year, and as such after the turkey leftovers are done and the Christmas specials watched (rather enjoyed Doctor Who, although can’t they one day just bump off the Doctor in a completely no-frills way? Like end of the episode he steps out of the TARDIS and bang, goes down and starts to regenerate and then they cut to credits?) you get all reflective.

So, how was my 2013?

I was thinking it had gone pretty well. I mean, sure, I’m still single and my lack of financial sense continues to give me grief, but I left a job that I’m fairly sure would’ve destroyed me eventually and got accepted to study Nursing, allowing me to have some kind of plan for the future that doesn’t revolve around a lottery win or getting super powers.

I’ve had some good times this year and am pleased with where I am.

Or I was. Then I looked at the resolutions I’d made at the start of the year.

I have not done well. Of the 8 resolutions I made I’ve probably only succeeded in achieving two and a half:

Be More Outgoing- In the first half of the year I definitely hung out with my mates more and starting in a new city and living in halls has definitely forced me to be more sociable and spend less time dossing by myself.

Learn to Cook- I can cook more than I could and have tried a few new things. Hell, I even managed to cook Christmas dinner for my flat.

Try New Things- I consider this half done. Uni is a new experience but I still haven’t really stretched myself too far.

But the others it’s wall-to-wall failure.

I kept up the running for the first 6-7 months of the year, but it’s dropped off a lot since I started in Cardiff and I’m fairly sure I’ve put some of the weight back on. I’ve also been snacking and drinking more as a student. This is the one that bugs me the most and what I’m going to work very hard on in 2014. Therefore, I also failed to complete a 10k

Travelling? Nope. Not left the country. Think the furthest I’ve got is London and Birmingham. Pretty pathetic, but I haven’t really been able to afford to scratch my itchy feet.

And I’m no closer to learning to drive or ride a bike.

So yeah, reading that kinda bummed me out. I’m trying to focus on the positive steps I’ve made but at the end of three days of gluttony and realizing I probably won’t go abroad again for a few years, it’s not easy, and it’s a bit of a drag.

First world problems I know, but those are the problems I got.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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