Manners don’t cost anything

I like to think I’m a pretty well mannered bloke, I mean, it’s not like I just stepped out of an Austen novel or anything but I try to mind my Ps and Qs (an expression I’ve never fully understood, “P” I assume is “please” but where the hell did “Q” come from?).

I do find myself getting annoyed with people’s bad manners, for example not saying “thank you” when a door is held open or when the contestants on Countdown don’t say “please” when asking Rachel Riley for letters (too be fair, they almost always do for the first one but then don’t for the rest).


This love of manners means that I was rather happy with a story I read about a cafe that’s started charging extra if you ask for your coffee in a rude way.

cafe sign

(Basically, it’s 7 euros if you say “one coffee”, 4.25 if you say “please” and only 1.40 if you say “hello” and “please” with your order)

Breaking all stereotypes of the rude Frenchmen the cafe is located in Nice. The owner apparently started it as a gag, only for customers to soon fall in line, and he reports that he hasn’t had to charge anyone full whack yet, which is nice (no pun intended).

It’s a cool idea and should make people think, we constantly have people bleating on about bad service, but are we, the customers, any better and what does it cost you to just say a quick “hello” and remember to add a “please” on the end of your order. Nothing. So, yeah, I quite like the idea of a rudeness tax.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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