It’s four in the f**king morning!

You ever get woken up by a noise and just lie there trying to work out what it was? It happened to me yesterday, I realized it wasn’t anything serious because I couldn’t hear the sound of sirens, explosions or Godzilla screeching in the distance.

It was about four o’clock, so after grumbling a little I tried to drift back to sleep.

Then I heard it.

Someone knocking at the hall door.

Grumbling slightly more angrily I groped for my glasses and pulled on a shirt and staggered into the light of the hallway.

I thought I’d check the peephole because I didn’t want to open the door to the cops or something with the phrase “what the hell do you want?”, it was this dude stood there.

I opened the door, the dude was relatively sober and apologized for waking me.

I was too tired to argue, so just made non-committal grunts.

“Do I know any girls here?”

Umm, what? This actually threw me. First of all, how do I know who you know? I don’t know you!

Or is this just some new, extremely direct pulling technique? Do you just visit every woman you know on the off chance you catch one in a frisky mood?

I told him the name of the ladies who live here, but none seemed to ring a bell, so with another apology he wandered off.

I think he might have gone into the corridor opposite, maybe still searching for female acquaintances. My guess is he was up all night to get lucky (sorry).

Halls living can be weird.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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