Tom Daley

Earlier this week Olympic diver Tom Daley came out as bisexual and admitted that he’d in a relationship with a man.


I wasn’t massively shocked by the news, because aside from doing the games I find it hard to be that interested in Daley’s life. That’s not a dis, it’s just he doesn’t really factor much in my everyday thought process and I hadn’t devoted much time to thinking about his sex life.

Anyway, Daley’s revelation grabbed plenty of column inches, and while there were some dickheads who gave him grief he seems to have gotten a fair amount of support from the public.

I’m only writing about it today because of two funny little things that have been connected to it.

Firstly, one of my flatmates, Emma, revealed that one of their friends had taken a picture with Daley when they happened to bump into him while out and about. This picture was then grabbed online and the lad found himself appearing on Twitter and elsewhere being identified as Daley’s fella, which is kinda funny although probably a little bit awkward for the lad in question.

The second relates to another flatmate of mine, Phil.

Phil hates Tom Daley.

Not because he’s gay, the hatred was around before this week. It basically came from having seen Daley around the place down in Plymouth and thinking he was a bit of a bellend.

Anyway, as I got Phil in our secret Santa (okay, maybe it’s not that much of a secret), I decided to get him a gag present and target his hatred for Daley.

On Amazon they had plenty of Daley stuff, calendars, a book, posters and a keyring that had “The Future Mrs Tom Daley” on, I thought this would be a pretty funny gift, but what really made me laugh was the price.

89p down from £4.99.


I can only assume the price drop has something to do with his revelation. If it is, it’s a bit of an extreme drop and slightly dopey. As it’ll probably still have novelty value at least.

And also, it kinda proves that people don’t really understand what bisexuality is about. He’s stated he still fancies girls, but everyone seems to be talking about how he’s gay, which is a bit ignorant. Ah, well, that’s a rant for another time.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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