STREAK (10 points)

In our university flat we spend a lot of time just dossing about the place, and spend a lot of time watching DVDs and playing games. Because that’s just the kind of crazy, rock ‘n’ roll people we are.

One of the games we play a lot is Scrabble.


I had an advantage over my flatmates having played it more than them (at least two were Scrabble virgins), and apparently being ten years older than them also gives me an edge.

My previous Scrabble experience mainly consists of having my ass handed to me by my Mum, who is a Scrabble machine. It’s like she’s absorbed a dictionary and a thesaurus, Data style.

Anyway, because of this I took a commanding early lead and won seven games on the bounce. I was kinda proud of this, even though I felt slightly bad about beating someone who’d only just learned the rules and feared the others would grow to hate me.

In our eighth game I was almost screwed over as they ganged up on me but still managed to sneak a win.

It was this game that made me realize that I’m more competitive than I thought. I really liked being a consistent winner and was rather proud of my streak, envisaging it being my legacy and going on to rival the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania record (the Deadman is 21-0).


But then at the weekend I fell. I knew I was about to lose with a few moves to go and did briefly consider flipping the board or refusing to take my go, leaving the game unfinished for all time so the streak would survive.

But that would be unsporting and so I played on, and lost. Phil claimed the win and I found myself at 8-1. Which is still pretty damn good, but I quite liked being the undefeated champion.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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