The customer is always right, apart from this douche

I’ve discussed tipping before on this blog, and I have a pretty British attitude towards it, that tipping is reserved for those occasions where it’s properly deserved- the service has been especially good, they’ve accommodated a special request or the server is especially attractive.


However, I appreciate that across the pond they do things differently and that there tipping is pretty much a given, and not tipping is seen as a terrible thing, although I’m still with Mr Pink on this one.

If I was in the States I’d probably tip, because of the whole “when in Rome…” thing. Unless the service was really, really terrible because I refuse to reward bad behaviour.

Other than that, you’ve got no reason not to tip.

Unless you’re a complete scumbag like a recent customer at a New Jersey restaurant. A couple and their two kids were having a meal and were served by Dayna Morales. Now, Morales has short hair and is a lesbian. She came over to the table and immediately got given some grief with the mother apparently saying to her “Oh, I thought you were going to say your name is Dan. You sure surprised us!”

Hmm. Now, Morales let that slide and took their order, brought their food over, the usual, but when she collected the bill for their $93.55 meal (roughly £58) she saw that she hadn’t got a tip.

Now, that’s pretty bad, but what graduated the customer to true douche status was that they’d added a little note explaining why they hadn’t given a tip:

tip receipt

“I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle”

Now, that is a dick move of some note.

Morales was understandably annoyed and posted a picture of the receipt online, provoking widespread anger at the horrible customer.  (Story here.)

Although luckily there is a happy ending to the story with Morales receiving lots of public support and plenty of donations, but it’s still a shame she had to deal with this kind of thing and that they’ve got away without any kind of fall out. Bigotry like this really sickens me and it’s just so totally needless and disgusting. I don’t understand any thing like this, but this is deliberately going out of your way to have a pop.

And pretty damn cowardly too, writing a note and slinking off. I was fuming when I saw this, and would have really struggled not to go after them and give them both barrels.

And as Morales herself pointed out the real worry is that these scumbags are raising kids who may inherit their horrible views and prejudices.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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