The Divine Dunk

So, the other day I was coming back from lectures and wandered into my halls when this sign caught my attention:

doughnuts 001

Yes, the promise of free doughnuts drew me in like a greedy moth to the glow of the microwave.

I thought this was a pretty nice idea of the Christian Union, because if there’s one thing students like more than lie ins, it’s free food. That right there is solid marketing work.

It’s a rather sweet, low key idea and hopefully will set up a relaxed conversation between the SU and those after free doughnuts. I’m not religious, but I think encouraging a bit of discussion is a nice thing and while some may have had motives more grounded in the gastronomical than metaphysical, it might create that, and in a friendly, jokey way.

I can’t imagine that the folks who would make a poster like this would be your irritating, fire and brimstone judgey Christians and it might be helpful to some people, as religious or not, you have to admit that religion is often a great help and comfort to people through stressful times. Free doughnuts is the preserve of your kindly Reverend Geraldine type than your Westboro douches.


I just hope both sides approached it in a friendly, calm manner and that no idiots texted them giving abuse or stick. These guys are just reaching out, if you’re not interested, leave them to it and don’t be a dick about it.

Unfortunately, I forgot and missed the window of opportunity, but am looking forward to the Jewish society giving out free bagels, the Islamic society giving out Party Rings and the Buddhists handing out Polos.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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