People are idiots the world over.

A while ago I wrote about my disbelief that 139 people would not only be shocked by Holly Willoughby’s cleavage, let alone take the time out to lodge an official complaint.


But it appears that people losing their head over the mere glimpse of some female flesh is a worldwide phenomenon, and that in Turkey recently it went a lot further.

On a light entertainment show presenter Gozde Kansu appeared wearing this outfit:


Now, I get that Turkish culture might be slightly different from the UK, but I can’t imagine that this would cause massive outrage outside of those countries where they enforce that women be fully covered, and as far as I know, Turkey isn’t one of those countries.

One of the complaints was from a member of parliament for the conservative Justice and Development Party, Huseyin Celik, who described it as “unacceptable” and “too much”.

Regardless of whatever you think of her dress, although in my view it’s extremely tame, what happened next is not on- she got fired.

Now, I’m guessing the channel she works from knows what it’s performers are going to be wearing and had given her the OK. For them to turn around and fire her because of some prudish complaints is ridiculous. They could have offered an apology for anyone who wasn’t happy, but this has been ridiculously mishandled.

A woman has lost her job because someone was offended, she didn’t do anything nasty, or bigoted, or mean spirited, she just showed a bit of excuse. Yes, some folks might not have been happy, but why does their outlook on life mean more than her career or the feelings of those who don’t give a damn?

As is often the case with this sort of controversy I’m reminded of a Stephen Fry quote:

fry offence

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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