Sound the alarm

I’m surprised I’m up this late to write this as I’ve been knackered all day.

With the routine 9am starts I’ve gotten into a rhythm of early nights and so I went to bed last night and was out well before midnight. Then at around 2am I was woken up by the blaring of the fire alarm.

I stumbled around grabbing shoes, a shirt and a dressing gown and staggered out with my flatmates, cursing whoever had set it off. When I got downstairs the electronic doors to leave the building weren’t working and a member of staff had to go get some keys. He did this at a very lazy pace and with no real urgency, which was annoying as we were starting to get packed in a bit snugly and the alarm was unbearably loud.

The fact that the door locks while a fire alarm is going off was massively worrying too. Had it been a real fire I’m sure we’d have just found a way to smash our way out, but it hardly set the mind at ease even in what was clearly not an emergency.

We’d been standing around for about 5-10 minutes when two short, pretty girls came down the stairs, working their way through the throng, passed me and reached the door. They then pressed the button, but no dice.

This irritated me almost as much as being dragged awake in the middle of the night, that these two girls assumed the rest of us were too thick to have thought to press the button we’ve been using every day since we moved on. When they failed I did shoot a look at them as if to say “Duh, we’d thought of that” but part of me wished I’d slow hand clapped them.

Finally, having been let out by the staff member who’d had to go back to the office to find the right key we were let out. As the first man out (not in a selfish way, but just because as we live on the first floor we were downstairs quicker) I went round to a small turning spot further up the drive down to halls, and that’s where we gathered. This was done because our fire safety signs don’t actually have a fire assembly point named on them (safety worry #2)

Outside we stood around grumbling and watched as the fire crew arrived and the firemen and staff member poked around in the kitchen of one of the flats. By now I was desperate for a piss and snuck off to go behind some bushes, of course, as soon as I was in mid-flow they let us all back in.

The alarm was still sounding and so my flatmates and I all sat in the kitchen grumbling and deducing from the smell of burnt toast what had caused the alarm.

Toast at 2am? Idiots.

I finally got back into bed but having had my nerves jangled and being slightly irked it took me a good hour to drop back off and I was like a zombie all day.

So, thank you very much to the idiot who messed up making toast in the middle of the night, and well done for annoying dozens of your fellow students.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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